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Arrival in Limerick

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Radio interview with Katrin Stoffeln

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EU fit! Farewell

The Farewell Event of EU fit students at the Savoy Hotel

A group of 28 young jobseekers from western Germany marked the end of their three-month stay in Limerick at a farewell event in the Savoy Hotel, after a six-week, unpaid work experience with Irish companies. The aim of the program is to reintegrate unemployed or disadvantaged young people into the local job market upon their return to Germany. This is the third year in a row that the programme takes place in Limerick. Participants stayed with host families. The social arm of the European Union funds the programme. "EU fit!" is entirely free of charge for its participants and covers all costs incurred during their three-month stay in Ireland, including accommodation, meals, transportation, insurance and language lessons. The programme´s annual direct and indirect investment in Limerick is estimated at 100,000 Euros. Companies interested in taking "EU fit!" trainees for September - October 2012 can already contact Katrin Stoffeln on 085 7233 909 or at katrin.stoffeln@reinit.de.

Learning Hub and EU fit!

The 2012 EU fit! students working on their mural at the learning hub.
The details can be found on this article.

Closing Event in July 2011! Next preparation starting in Oktober 2011!

Limerick and Cork

While one of our groups is gaining experience in Cork and is currently starting their work experience in various vocational fields, the group of Limerick has returned to Germany recently and can look back on a successful stay in Ireland.

Even though both groups experienced their adventures in two different cities of Ireland, or in the case of the Cork group are still experiencing them, there are many similarities of experiences. The two groups exchanged views on during a mutual stay in Cork. The participants learn a lot about themselves during their stay abroad and collect unforgettable experiences, which they will probably still share with their grandchildren.

To get a little insight into the happenings in Limerick and Cork, we recommend clicking the “Blog Button” top right. For a visual impression click on the Irish flag afterwards.

Farewell Event

A very good opportunity to get an individual impression of the experiences of the participants of both groups is a visit to this year’s Farewell Event.

In a ceremonial event we will celebrate the successful closing of this year’s EU fit! rounds with many guests and of course especially our Ireland-returnees. The “EU-fitties” will report, present and receive their certificates. Event location is the “Forum” of the “Bildungszentrum des Handels e.V.” on july, 8th , 12 a.m. – 3 p.m.! All those interested are cordially welcome to celebrate with us and inform themselves personally about our project. Please apply by phone (02361/3021-166)!

Apply now! Kick off is October 2011!

For all young people between 18 and 30, that haven’t found an apprenticeship yet or haven’t found a job after accomplishing their apprenticeship successfully, EU fit! is your chance to make the crucial step into an occupational career. YOU can apply directly or we can inform you without obligation, if EU fit! is the right programme for YOU. Call us or write an e-mail. We are happy to inform you! 02361/3021166 or info@eu-fit.de

The next two rounds to Ireland are going to start their preparation for the stay abroad in October 2011! All in all 30 young people will be able to experience unforgettable months in Ireland in 2012.
YOU can be one of them.

The project EU fit! starts its second turn.

After the ending of a real successful first project turn (almost all participants got integrated into an apprenticeship or work) the second turn started on November 2nd with the new members in our project EU fit! Ireland.

For the next three months, the participants will attend English lessons, intercultural training and application management before they will finally go to Ireland. There they will improve their English knowledge in a language course at the University of Limerick and after another month the German youngsters will start their traineeships at Irish companies.

Have a look at our Irish blog!
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There you will see how the participants of the first turn experienced their stay in Limerick. 


If you are interested don’t hesitate to ask project-related questions. We are looking forward to helping you.

New Flyer

The new flyer of our project can now be downloaded here.

Host families and Partner school wanted!

EU fit! is looking for host families and a partner school in Limerick City for German students. If you are interested please contact us!

The details can be found on this flyer.

German TV reports...

In the video below you can hear about 13 young people from Recklinghausen who started  work experience in Ireland within the project of "EU fit!" three months ago. Now they are back and tell all about their experiences on wm.tv!

Limerick: The Video –
an experience for all your senses

Feel like a second serving of Limerick? Click here for a one-of-its-kind audiovisual experience!

Welcome to our website!

We are delighted to welcome you to our project website, "EU fit! -- Perspectives for Young People in Ireland and Recklinghausen". It is within the purview of our Program Manager Brigitte Sicken to coordinate the exchange program with Ireland at RE/init e. V. and that with Poland at the Bildungszentrum des Handels e.V..

We'd therefore like to wish us all a very good start with our joint project. Our staff are available for communication in all three languages.

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