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RE/init e. V.

Logo RE/init e. V.

The association and its goals

Through structural change jobs are increasingly endangered and more and more people are threatened with unemployment. To deal with these tendencies, especially in our region, RE/init e. V. was founded in 1997.

The association develops labour market oriented projects for apprenticeship, qualification and employment promotion of people in special circumstances. It has been and is a goal to develop and realise tailored and sophisticated help, to strengthen personal responsibility and offer empowerment for self-help. The target groups are youths, people with children, people with handicap and adults.

As accredited organisation for training and employment RE/init e.V. is a member of the “Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband”, support organisation of the “Jugendhilfe” [youth welfare service] and the “Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr” [voluntary year of social service] as well as accredited company for apprenticeship in the proffessions of management assistant in office communication, office management assistant and gardener.

RE/init e. V. is ISO 9000:2008 and AZAV certified by the German Institute for Standardization.

Bildungszentrum des Handels e. V.

Logo Bildungszentrum des Handels

Since 1973 the non-profit organization Trades Training Center (Bildungszentrum des Handels e.V.) is active in the implementation of labor market policies, particularly in the Vest (Recklinghausen District) and Bochum. Currently 160 employees support 1,500 participants in projects of vocational training, retraining and placement.

The Trades Training Center closely cooperates with an extensive network of regional labor and training organizations, among them the Employment Agency, Job Center, Chamber of Commerce, the Recklinghausen Economic Development Center, and regional businesses and enterprises.

The Trades Training Center is ISO 9000:2008 and AZAV certified by the German Institute for Standardization.

jobcenter Kreis Recklinghausen

Logo jobcenter Kreis Recklinghausen

Since 2005 the jobcenter of Recklinghausen District is responsible, together with the Federal Labor Agency, for the implementation of the Social Code, Book II, as a result of the Hartz IV reform which merged the federal level unemployment agency with the local level welfare administration.

Every employable individual could expect the jobcenter to

- Offer support with their (re-)entry into the labor market

- Further their professional qualifications

- Secure their living conditions and those in their communal household (persons living in and depending on the resources of the claimant)

- Strengthen their self-responsibility

The services above are provided by each one of the 10 municipal centers in the district.



The Northside Learning Hub

Logo The Northside Learning Hub

The Northside Learning Hub is an innovative and creative project based in the Northside of Limerick City which works with young people, the wider community and partner schools and third level colleges to add value to the social and educational experience of young people and their families living in the surrounding area.

The Hub specifically aims to:

- Increase participation and engagement in learning by providing an informal, welcoming facility

- Foster the healthy and positive development of young people and their families through a range of focused educational and health initiatives

- Serve as a central hub whereby resources that support learning in a non formal environment can be focused towards the community

- Harness the power of technology to engage learners and bring learning to life

Southill Outreach

Southill Outreach Ltd. is now in its 21st year of operation. This organisation is community based and operates on the south-side of Limerick City. Outreach was set up to engage young people (a)who are at risk of becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, (b) those youth who are currently at the judicial stage and (c) youth who are in detention centres where we provide both pre and post release supports. We have strong links to the step-down programme from Trinity House and other detention centres.

Additionally we aim to engage young people at street level who are outside existing services (Detached Youth). We currently work with youth referred through the probation service; youth in cooperation with the Garda Diversionary programme, and in consultation with the community Garda target those youth most likely to get into serious trouble. We also target youth referred through a community based ‘Youth Forum’ this forum represents School organisations, HSE, Probation Services, Community Garda, YAP services, ISPCC, Limerick Youth Services, School Retention Programme, Dept. of Education.

As a service provider we deliver an end to end service to young people at various stages of the criminal justice system.

Initially setup in 1991 to target a significant rise in youth antisocial behaviour in the O’Malley Park area of Southill Limerick, the project has developed and grown to cover the south-side of Limerick City and more recently is key partner along with the YPP in piloting Young Persons Bail support programme city wide.


- Street-work: Initial contacts with youth on the streets

- One to One: Working with, and supporting individuals

- Group work: Bringing together small groups of clients

- Adventure Activities: set challenges both personal and for the group.

- Tutor Programme: Target youth 12- 15 who have left or who are expelled from school.

Each of these would include elements of advocacy, personal skills development, work on self esteem, victim issues, restorative justice and joint work with YPP.

Southill Outreach Ltd., is wholly funded through Probation Service (YPP) by the Irish Youth Justice Service.

PAUL Partnership

Logo PAUL Partnership

PAUL Partnership aims to promote social and economic inclusion in Limerick City by working in partnership with communities, statutory and voluntary organizations.

Through the Local Employment Service, people who are particularly distant from the labor market are supported to access education, training and employment.

UL Language Centre

Logo UL Language Centre

The University of Limerick Language Centre is an integral part of the School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication at the University of Limerick.

It offers professionally-designed and delivered language courses to adults in open and closed groups. In line with the mission of the University of Limerick, the Language Centre pursues excellence and relevance in the teaching of languages.

The Language Centre also aims to provide a friendly and supportive learning environment where each course participant can work to fulfill his/her individual language learning needs.

PLATO Mid West

Logo PLATO Mid West

PLATO is a European-wide business-to-business support network for owner managers. PLATO Ireland is an initiative dedicated to the successful development of the indigenous SMEs.

The PLATO concept is based on the parenthood principle, group learning, facilitation and networking. PLATO addresses the needs of small businesses by providing owner managers with business development advice, management training and a range of opportunities to develop their personal skills and the management capabilities of the companies they are responsible for.

Limerick City Council

Logo Limerick City Council

The Council is one of five in Ireland, the others are in Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Waterford, and it has a self-administrative status similar to the counties.

The Council is elected every five years and elects its Mayor yearly. The mayor office is of primarily representative nature.

The City Manager is engaged by the City Council. Within his executive role he is responsible for implementing motions passed by the Council.

Limerick City Enterprise Board

Logo Limerick City Enterprise Board

Limerick City Enterprise Board was established on 8th October 1993 to facilitate local development and to complement the work of existing state agencies involved in local enterprise initiatives.

Limerick City Enterprise Board is part of a complete network of County & City Enterprise Boards set up by the Government to provide support for local enterprise initiatives. The Boards primarily assist small enterprise projects which can yield cost-effective returns in terms of job creation.

The wide representative nature of members of the Limerick City Enterprise Board Ltd. reflects one of the novel features of the Enterprise Board initiative and helps to establish, develop and maintain close contacts between the Board, statutory bodies, and other agencies and communities within the city. The Board consists of 15 members.

Limerick Chamber

Logo Limerick Chamber

- Not for Profit Business Representative Organisation

- One of the Oldest Chambers in the Country

- Established by Royal Charter in 1812

- Membership of 600 businesses across all sectors

- Membership is voluntary

Kilfinane Outdoor Education Centre

Logo Kilfinane Outdoor Education Center

Kilfinane Outdoor Education Centre is administered by County Limerick VEC ( statutory education body) and is approved the Department of Education & Science. We provide quality Outdoor Education courses on either a residential or non residential basis, with courses designed specifically to meet the needs of your group.

Catering for groups & individuals Kilfinane OEC provides a range of exciting Outdoor Education & Adventure activities - Mountain Biking, Rockclimbing, Indoor Rockwall, Abseiling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Riverwalking, Hillwalking, Orienteering, Team Challenges & Campcraft.

Kilfinane OEC is located in the small rural town of Kilfinane at the edge of the Ballyhoura Mountains.


Limerick Community Education Network (LCEN)

Logo Limerick Community Education Network

Set up in 1992, Limerick Community Education Network (LCEN) is a city-wide network of people who are involved in the organisation and delivery of community education in Limerick City.

LCEN seeks to provide a forum for those who share its vision of Community Education to work collaboratively in order to explore and share information, influence, examine and critically respond to education policy at local, regional, national international levels. It also seeks to build alliances with individuals, groups and agencies which share its vision and to ensure learners’ voices are heard in decision-making processes.


Die Brücke

Logo Die Brücke

Local Employment Service Network Limerick

Logo Local Employment Service Network Limerick

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